This is going to be a short one but informative nevertheless. I’ve always argued that Science isn’t cold, abstract, unappealing, convoluted or condescending. It can be very poetic and even emphatically beautiful at times. Whereas literary poetry can be very moving and metaphorical, scientific poetry is more down to Earth yet equally elegant and emotional. However, other than simply painting a nice picture of reality, Science allows us to see the world from various angles, from different perspectives, on several spatial and time scales; adding levels of beauty and truth to an otherwise mundane reality; and, most of all, Science reveals to us, mortals, the grandeur and complexity of this elegant Universe in a way that far exceeds the imagination and dreams of poets. Literary poetry, on the other hand, no matter how touching it can be, doesn’t necessarily touch the truth the way Science does. Now I believe that there can be no beauty without truth while some poets might argue that beauty itself is truth. But I think I’ll leave the last word to Björk who, in her own unique style, talks about scientific truth…


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