Physics is about natural phenomena. A very broad description using vague terms. Fair enough but it actually encapsulates what Physics is all about: the natural world. By natural we mean anything and everything that can be experienced and measured by our senses or extensions of our senses. Essentially, things we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste and which we can quantify or measure are what constitute our natural world.

Any phenomena of this natural world can be analysed and described by Physics.

electrolights is about explaining those day to day phenomena in simple terms and showing that physics, though mind-boggling sometimes, is really about the basic things in life.


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  1. Your article on ask a scientist about the probability of multiverses caught my eye. If you would consider emailing me with the email provided I have some interesting theories that you may want to investigate. I believe I have the answers you look for.

  2. Hello there,
    I read your article on Physicsfocus where you said that Physics should be taught as a story. I like that view point and agree with your article as a whole. Would you be able to recommend a ‘story’ or a book or an inspiring biography which can ignite the interest and enthusiasm in children (age 11-12 yrs old) ???
    many thanks, pankajsulodia@hotmail.com

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